Morgan using his Gurney Straps at the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Champs in Philly this August. He won these for winning the Polocat at the euros. We hope he is liking them. Quote to come. Pic courtesy of urbanvelo who have also just written this nice piece about us.

Cheers guys.


Come Play Polo II shirts are here!
After the success of the first run, the second more colourful versions are printed and ready for purchase. Same deal as before. £15 per shirt with a percentage going to fund London Polo. Post to the EU and US is about £2.50 on top of that. Mail me at the profile contact if you want one.

JOL/Gurney Strap history...

So there seems to be a lot of people producing strap products out there now, some more similar to ours than others. Not pointing fingers or claiming anything, although we have had to defend ourselves, but we thought we'd show the various hardware free versions we tried and tested since January 09. This ranges from the 3 piece, clip-strap combo to things that resemble more the finished product we have today in varying degrees of trashed-ness.