London Cycle Show 2010 was graced by the Likes of David and the LFGSS team. He kindly put our straps on the stand as 'The Forum' was instrumental in us getting the Gurney Straps off the ground. Unfortunately the straps were STOLEN! Huge reward for anyone that has any info. ;) I suppose it's a pretty good compliment. More of Davids pics here.


We played a polo demo at Ausbike a few weekends ago. Rob took this pic of me in goal, somehow I don't remember it at all.


Thought for the week.
Been busy of late, but will resume regular updates soon.


Amazing old BMX pics from Defgrip.
Really remind me of riding around London age 10 on my Raleigh Burner.


After a little time of non-posting (sorry) due to busy-ness and setting
up JOL around the world, we are proud to announce that Traffic Distribution will be putting our products out across Europe. We are really excited to be working with these guys who look after a lot of
great bike related brands. More soon...

This months issue of Wired Magazine has a section on page 051 about bikes. One of the featured rides has our straps on it! Not sure who's it is. The article mentions that the bike is an Ozello TK and is owned by Keith James which happens to be the name of Tour de Ville's Keith. Anyone know if it's him?


Article in the new Elephant Magazine about polo by Todd Cosmic. Managed to get my mug in there! Now I just need to get hold of a copy. All spreads at readable high-res here. Also apologies for not posting for a bit. We have been setting up in Melbourne Aus, and this has taken up a lot of time.


14 Bikes have sold out of their first batch of Gurney straps.
Only took 3 days! Read more here.


Fixed Mag issue 4 has been out for a bit now but we got a nice little mention so we thought we'd stick it up. Cheers to Ian and Andy for one of the best fixed specific publications in the world. Click the image to read what they said about JOL/Gurney Straps or download the mag here.


Halloween tourney was held at Downham this weekend. Great organisation and prizes and some awesome costumes. I went as a skeleton complete with Arospook, or DED3. Cheers to Dapper Dan for hosting.

And Mr Slammer for pics.

14 Bike co now have stock of JOL/Gurney Straps.
Go there and check out all the other great stuff they have.


Morgan using his Gurney Straps at the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Champs in Philly this August. He won these for winning the Polocat at the euros. We hope he is liking them. Quote to come. Pic courtesy of urbanvelo who have also just written this nice piece about us.

Cheers guys.


Come Play Polo II shirts are here!
After the success of the first run, the second more colourful versions are printed and ready for purchase. Same deal as before. £15 per shirt with a percentage going to fund London Polo. Post to the EU and US is about £2.50 on top of that. Mail me at the profile contact if you want one.

JOL/Gurney Strap history...

So there seems to be a lot of people producing strap products out there now, some more similar to ours than others. Not pointing fingers or claiming anything, although we have had to defend ourselves, but we thought we'd show the various hardware free versions we tried and tested since January 09. This ranges from the 3 piece, clip-strap combo to things that resemble more the finished product we have today in varying degrees of trashed-ness.


Gurney straps are underway!
Thanks for being patient if you have emailed. Labels have arrived and production is underway with the sewing machine running red. Straps will be shipping soon.


After over 6 months of testing, JOL/Gurney Straps are finally ready for launch.

We have been testing our concept of hardware-free bicycle footstraps in a number of different guises over this time and feel we have perfected this product in the culmination of the Gurney Strap.

The concept was born from straps failing at the hardware/join point so we decided to remove this element all together. Our multi-directional hook&loop layer system prevents strap movement while being infinitely adjustable.

The construction of the straps provides rigidity to allow for easy entry and keeps the foot comfortably secure while riding.

Whether for Bike Polo, Freestyle or general riding, Gurney Straps provide a solid, adjustable and comfortable solution to foot/pedal interface.

Drop us an email to purchase or for more information.

These will be 30GBP plus post/ship

Thanks again to Shin Bailey for the pics.


T2 is ready for print. Send me a message if you would like one. Sizes S/M/L.


teaser_T from blunt films on Vimeo.

A while ago Brendan Blunt asked me if he could use a graphic I did for something. I then forgot about it until today when he sent me the teaser to his Bicycle Film Festival entry. I really love the ball drop. Nice work sir!

The Euros are almost upon us. Come down to show your support for 40 teams from across Europe. 1-2 of August, Marlborough Gardens, Union Street, SE1. It's going to be awesome.


A great day of polo was played in Cambridge last Saturday. JiHaD managed to get to the quarter finals but were then knocked out by Cosmic who went on to win, so I don't feel too bad. Highlights were the last couple of games, and of course 'That Shuffle' whereby Los Conos knocked BAD out.

Also got to mention the amazing trophy made by the Cambridge guys complete with Mini-D and Campag cap. Awesome.

More pics from Ray here...


Cambridge tourney tomorrow! JiHaD will be in full effect but may be the last time we play under this guise, as the title is proving testy. Especially for Hassan. ;)


Finally finished the new polo rig. Thanks loads to Hassan at Holloway Cycles for the frame and a few bits. Played properly on it yesterday and it feels amazing.

Thanks for the pic Shin Bailey.


Thanks for the interest in the shirt. Just got sent this from the Holga of Mr PiQuE of Ray looking all blue steel. Cheers John.


ComePlayPolo shirts can be acquired for 15GBP plus postage and packing. Send me an email via the profile section and I'll get back to you asap. Sizes are S/M/L/XL and in the above colours. Numbers are limited with XL being the least.

Thanks to Trackosaurusrex for the linkage.
Sorry about the bad pic (Potatochop), will update soon.


Nice article by Mr Wiganwill on Bicyclesmile.


Great Bicycle Film Festival spot. Good luck Brendan!


Yorgo of Intersection showing some love for his Comeplaypolo T.



This Saturday saw the London qualifiers for the European Hardcourt Bike Polo Champs. A great day of polo was had between 9 London teams with the top 3 going through. Sadly JiHaD (Left, and dejected) didn't make the cut, but we will be supporting the other London teams and the first European Championships behind forced smiles.


'Come play polo' shirts are back from the printers and awaiting delivery. 50% of the profits are going to the EHBPC in London 
this August.