14 Bikes have sold out of their first batch of Gurney straps.
Only took 3 days! Read more here.


Fixed Mag issue 4 has been out for a bit now but we got a nice little mention so we thought we'd stick it up. Cheers to Ian and Andy for one of the best fixed specific publications in the world. Click the image to read what they said about JOL/Gurney Straps or download the mag here.


Halloween tourney was held at Downham this weekend. Great organisation and prizes and some awesome costumes. I went as a skeleton complete with Arospook, or DED3. Cheers to Dapper Dan for hosting.

And Mr Slammer for pics.

14 Bike co now have stock of JOL/Gurney Straps.
Go there and check out all the other great stuff they have.