London Cycle Show 2010 was graced by the Likes of David and the LFGSS team. He kindly put our straps on the stand as 'The Forum' was instrumental in us getting the Gurney Straps off the ground. Unfortunately the straps were STOLEN! Huge reward for anyone that has any info. ;) I suppose it's a pretty good compliment. More of Davids pics here.


We played a polo demo at Ausbike a few weekends ago. Rob took this pic of me in goal, somehow I don't remember it at all.


Thought for the week.
Been busy of late, but will resume regular updates soon.


Amazing old BMX pics from Defgrip.
Really remind me of riding around London age 10 on my Raleigh Burner.


After a little time of non-posting (sorry) due to busy-ness and setting
up JOL around the world, we are proud to announce that Traffic Distribution will be putting our products out across Europe. We are really excited to be working with these guys who look after a lot of
great bike related brands. More soon...

This months issue of Wired Magazine has a section on page 051 about bikes. One of the featured rides has our straps on it! Not sure who's it is. The article mentions that the bike is an Ozello TK and is owned by Keith James which happens to be the name of Tour de Ville's Keith. Anyone know if it's him?


Article in the new Elephant Magazine about polo by Todd Cosmic. Managed to get my mug in there! Now I just need to get hold of a copy. All spreads at readable high-res here. Also apologies for not posting for a bit. We have been setting up in Melbourne Aus, and this has taken up a lot of time.