After over 6 months of testing, JOL/Gurney Straps are finally ready for launch.

We have been testing our concept of hardware-free bicycle footstraps in a number of different guises over this time and feel we have perfected this product in the culmination of the Gurney Strap.

The concept was born from straps failing at the hardware/join point so we decided to remove this element all together. Our multi-directional hook&loop layer system prevents strap movement while being infinitely adjustable.

The construction of the straps provides rigidity to allow for easy entry and keeps the foot comfortably secure while riding.

Whether for Bike Polo, Freestyle or general riding, Gurney Straps provide a solid, adjustable and comfortable solution to foot/pedal interface.

Drop us an email to purchase or for more information.

These will be 30GBP plus post/ship

Thanks again to Shin Bailey for the pics.


  1. I want these!! how much?


  2. where can i get these? i couldnt figure out how to email you guys

  3. hey guys...
    your contact info is not on this page

    how do we email you?

    i want these

  4. Hey, thanks for the interest.

    You can email at 'Contact' over there >>>>^^^^^.

  5. Thinkin of making these in white?

  6. Thanks for the comments.
    These will be available in black to begin with.
    I prototyped some white but they got really dirty.
    Will add colours soon.

    As for vegan, these are fully nylon/polyproylene so should be fine for vegans.

  7. "I prototyped some white but they got really dirty." tell that to my vittoria tyres! Makes sense though... perhaps some less pristine colours like green/orange/blue etc etc. For now though their existence is enough for me! I'm looking forward to loosing my toeclips.

    Also, how easy is that shape to flick round? (the rhombus) I don't really like the little spike on my current pedals.

  8. how do we pay for these, i really want a pair but i have no idea how to contact you. by the way i live in richmond virginia, are you willing to ship that far?

  9. Please email us at the 'view my complete profile' link at the top of the page.


  10. hi,

    I'm from Switzerland and i find your strap very nice...

    Where kann i buy?

    Thanks for your feedback


  11. Where can I buy these awesome looking straps? I'm from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91730

    Jesse A.